ItalianPipes.com is a commercial brand managed by Italian Pipes, of Giuseppe Maneggio with headquarters in: Mandello del Lario, Via Rogola, 2 ITALIA.

This privacy regulation has been widened and reinforced pursuant the European Regulation GDPR 2016/79 applied from May, 25th 2018.


Italian Pipes has never done personal data collection through public acquisition or from third parties: each data in our hands has been given us by companies (suppliers and clients) or by privates (customers) at the moment of commercial purchases/sales directly with them. Buying on our online shop you agree and allow the acquisition and treatment of your personal data, in order to serve the transaction and, eventually, a soft direct marketing, with the only purpose of proposing similar goods as the ones already purchased. These purchases include also the ones made through online shops (commercial web spaces) which we sublet from generic retailers (“market places”) like Ebay.com, Alibaba.com.

All the purchases made on these platforms are protected in remote, at the same sites, and never unloaded in local. In particular and only for what concerns the company’s sites, i.e. italianpipes.com and italiansmokingpipes.com, we use the server protection of: Host.it Spa


During the commercial transaction, and in the position of seller, Italian Pipes receives these data from the customer:

Name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number (optional), payments data.

The same are then send on internet to delivery companies in order to conclude the shipment of the order: the data of these deliveries are, starting from that moment, only kept in remote, at these companies, in order to map the shipment.

For what concern the payment process of an order, it could pass automatically and simultaneously to the order, through an interface of instantaneous payment, i.e. Paypal.

The last data are in possess of the payment platforms and we can consult them only with a remote access and neve unloaded in local.


Each customer has the oblivion right on his personal data and to expressly ask to cancel them from all the platforms before mentioned, where technically possible, simply sending an e-mail to:



We use in a restrained way (max weekly frequency) massive mailing programmes in order to propose to a database of clients (which have already shopped at least once from us) special offers, product in preview, etc…


The data that we maintain only in local for a little time are:

- Sale and purchase invoices from/to other societies, both in paper and in digital

- Name, surname and e-mail address, amount and date of the orders.

The PC used in local is only one, protected by a password and firewall software. All the documents before mentioned receive a periodical back-up on a secondary hard disk. The paper documents are transferred at the end of each month at our Studio Zucchi Commercialisti – Via Statale 45 – 23826 Mandello del Lario.

The legal and technical responsible for the conservation and protection of the data in local is the owner, Giuseppe Maneggio.