Salvatore Amorelli launched his pipe production in 1982, and thanks to the excellent quality and the very reasonable price of his pipes, the brand immediately reached a positive reputation. Its general hallmark, common to all its pipes, is the 18-karat gold logo perfectly aligned on the shank and on the stem; additional peculiarity is the scrupulous use of the best of the popular Sicilian heather log, well known for its lightness and porosity. Since there are no woodcutters on the Sicilian Island, today most of the wood is cut in Calabria. Before Amorelli or his nine collaborators work on the sketches, these are seasoned in Sicilian outdoor space for five years in order to allow a slow exsiccation.

The category of pipes made only with a smooth surface, in light shades and without mastic, is stamped with a certain number of stars: five stars is assigned to the finish with the most beautiful grain; however, regardless of the above category wood is just perfect and compact in all models.

To document the perfection of the wood inside the chamber Salvatore Amorelli renounces to the brushing of coal powder. The quality of the raw mat

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