Il Ceppo

About 70% of the most important Italian pipemakers live and work in Lombardia and in the Marche, on the Adriatic coast.

Knowing and collaborating with each other, the handcrafters have developed a distinctive and unmistakable style for each of these two regions.

This also applies to Franco Rossi, who in 1995 bought Il Ceppo from Giorgio Imperatori manufacture. In the past Franco worked with Bruto Sordini, the owner of the Don Carlos plant, whom with Guidi Giancarlo, from the company Ser Jacopo founded the Mastro de Paja manufacture. Like most Italian pipemakers, not even Franco Rossi distinguishes his pipes using his name but with the words Il Ceppo which refers to the origin of the blocks.

Although it is visible a juxtaposition to the forms of the aforementioned brands, Franco Rossi has developed a personalized style whose peculiarity consists of multifaceted heads, rarely found in Italian pipes.

Franco Rossi and his sister produce 1,500 pipes a year of which almost half is exported to the United States where the brand Il Ceppo is, rightly so, very famous. All its products boast accurate processing, excellent outcomes and they are sold at a surprisingly affordable price.

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