Tonino Jacono lives and works in Jesi, in the Marche region. He took his first steps in the world of pipes in the early 80s when his father-in-law, who worked in the field, preparing sketches and plates for major Italian companies, proposed to Jacono the business adventure of freehand pipes. In its sawmill there were tons of briar, so it was easy to select the most beautiful blocks to make exclusive pipes. His brother-in-law, who was also passionate about making pipes, at the time bought some indispensable machines to make pipes, and finally in 1981 their company began its journey. The three of them had different tasks: the father-in-law prepared the briar and took care of the drilling, the brother-in-law gave the shape to the pipes through the various sanding steps and Jacono was in charge of the finishes of the pipes and the sales.

Things went on in a fluctuating way for a year and a half until 1983, when they made an important decision: Jacono leaves Calabria, and returns to the Marche. After a few months of studying, reflecting and making new contacts, finally, in October 1983, the first "JACONO" pipe was on the market, born from the new laboratory in Jesi. His philosophy was simple: create pipes with attention to the finest details and sell them at the right price.

Since then 25 years have passed, the shapes and finishes of his pipes have changed, but his way of working has remained the same as his philosophy: even today Jacono takes care of his pipes one by one with the same commitment and the same passion he used to have when his father-in-law proposed his first work in 1981. Currently the processing system is mainly manual.

The Jacono’s uses only methacrylate stem. Additionally, his pipes are often enriched with silver inserts or fine woods.

Most of its pipes are exported to the US and they are also present in stores in Europe, Russia, China and Japan.

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