Il Duca

The passion of Massimiliano Rimensi for tobacco pipes arose in 1990, when he bought a "Dublin" and felt captivated by these wonderful objects. After smoking a few, the idea of ​​being able to make a pipe according to his personal taste began to spring up in his head. Thus, once he found the necessary materials he went to his uncle's joinery, where he used to work in summer since the age of 14. From that day his passion for the briar grew stronger and stronger.

Massimiliano chose the name "Duca Pipes", as the grades assigned to his pipes, with reference to his city Ferrara, which notoriously has medieval/renaissance origins.

The materials used are of first quality starting from the briar, which Massimo chooses personally by buying it in different regions of Italy. Subsequently, the briar has to be seasoned for at least 2 or 3 years according to strict criteria.

Thanks to his artistic nature, Massimiliano loves experimenting with all possible materials: ebonite, methacrylate, horn and bone of various types, olive wood, rosewood, bamboo either black or white, amboina, tulip wood and other exotic woods, from which he tries, through particular processes, to enhance their potentials more and more.

Therefore, the Duca Pipes are always looking for new aesthetic and functioal solutions, which includes the study of forms and experimentalism as well as innovation and harmony.

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Il Duca - Carboncina (pre-order closed)

Price €280.00

Carboncina is a pipe born from an idea of two distributors ( and Tabaccheria Lento Fumo of Pordenone) and entrusted to the skilled expert hands of Max Rimensi (Il Duca pipe), one of the exponents of the high grade pipe in Italy. The pipe will be produced in a strictly limited number. Technical data, measurements and weight are to be...

Ganci genova (GE) Romagnolo Pipe Lessona (BI) Via Roma, 19 il duca occhiobello (ro) Via Nazionale, 68 Leonardo Da Vinci Bellaria (RN) Corso Pipes San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) Via Renata Viganò, 8 Brentegani Pipe Verona (vr) amorelli Caltanissetta (cl) Via Due Fontane, 72 Mimmo Provenzano maglie (le) Via Giuseppe de Jaco, 9/b Calabria Pipe Mandatoriccio (CS) Via Nazionale, 195 Pipe Ulrik Avezzano (AQ) Via Dei Marsi, 15 Ro.Ma roma Chiusa Pipe cremona (CR) Ascorti Cucciago (co) Via A. Volta, 14 Castello cantù (co) Via G. da Fossano, 44 In Fumo Veritas milano (mi) vitale pavia (PV) talamona Barasso (va) Via F. Rossi, 27 La Biota torino (to) Sesa Pipe torino (to) Via Susa, 7 Mastro De Paja Pesaro (pu) Via Fossombrone, 2 Regina Scarlatta Pesaro (pu) Via Imola, 2 il ceppo Pesaro (pu) Via A. Casella, 18 Pascucci Pesaro (pu) Via A. Casella, 12/1 Fiamma di Re Pesaro (pu) Via Gorizia, 39 Jacono Jesi (AN) Via Bisaccioni 3/A