In Fumo Veritas

The ‘In Fumo Veritas’ brand, founded in Milan, Italy in 2014, is the combination of two Italian traditions of the manufacturing sector: pipes and wine.

The brand’s name wants to pay tribute to our Latin origins and language, and it has been chosen to highlight a classical ‘made in Italy’ of both productions.

The logo (by Antonio Dibiase designer) itself is the representation of a glass of red wine held in between the thumb and index finger, in the same way a pipe is held while smoking.

To recall this bond between the products, our lines are dedicated to some of the most famous wines of Italy.

Currently in the ‘cellar’ of ‘In Fumo Veritas’ you can find:

-Moscato, light, and Lambrusco, dark, with classical and rustic hints. These are marked by ‘M’ or ‘L’.

-Prosecco, light, and Chianti Classic, dark, a classical and soft hints produced with grained briar-root. These are marked by ‘P’ or ‘CC’.

-Morellino di Scansano, mainly dark, produced with a premium briar-root, it has a rustic and less traditional hint. These are marked by ‘M di S’.

-Barbaresco, dark, and Falanghina, light, are traditional lines produced from giant plate. These are marked by ‘B’ o ‘F’.

-Ribolla Gialla, mainly light, is produced freehand from a giant plate. These are marked by ‘R’.

Rediscovering new micro-excellences offered by the Italian wines, we will soon be adding new lines and new flavours.

Prosit and have a good puff!

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Ganci genova (GE) Romagnolo Pipe Lessona (BI) Via Roma, 19 il duca occhiobello (ro) Via Nazionale, 68 Leonardo Da Vinci Bellaria (RN) Corso Pipes San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) Via Renata Viganò, 8 Brentegani Pipe Verona (vr) amorelli Caltanissetta (cl) Via Due Fontane, 72 Mimmo Provenzano maglie (le) Via Giuseppe de Jaco, 9/b Calabria Pipe Mandatoriccio (CS) Via Nazionale, 195 Pipe Ulrik Avezzano (AQ) Via Dei Marsi, 15 Ro.Ma roma Chiusa Pipe cremona (CR) Ascorti Cucciago (co) Via A. Volta, 14 Castello cantù (co) Via G. da Fossano, 44 In Fumo Veritas milano (mi) vitale pavia (PV) talamona Barasso (va) Via F. Rossi, 27 La Biota torino (to) Sesa Pipe torino (to) Via Susa, 7 Mastro De Paja Pesaro (pu) Via Fossombrone, 2 Regina Scarlatta Pesaro (pu) Via Imola, 2 il ceppo Pesaro (pu) Via A. Casella, 18 Pascucci Pesaro (pu) Via A. Casella, 12/1 Fiamma di Re Pesaro (pu) Via Gorizia, 39 Jacono Jesi (AN) Via Bisaccioni 3/A