Sesa Pipes

Branko Sesa is an artisan from Turin with a more than twenty years experience.

His first creations were guided and noticed by the well known Mauro Gilli, who gave him many precious pieces of advice.

Passion and curiosity urged him to engage in the use of diverse materials. 

Since 2009, he is one of the first to produce pipes with black oak, a semi fossil wood over than thousand years old. The material proved to be a great alternative to briarwood, particularly suitable for not aromatic tobaccos.

Other than black oak, he uses mainly briar from Calabria, seasoned for more than five years. On request, he also works with olive wood, strawberry tree and St. Lucie cherry.

In recent times, he focused in the composition of classic shapes, but he also expresses his artistic vein through impressive freehand pieces and “sculpture” pipes. His annual production does not exceed fifty pieces. 

Every pipe has an incredible workmanship behind and clearly he never fails in taking care in every single detail.

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