Piero Vitale has always had, since he was a child, the passion for the wood’s working. Grown in his grand-father’s laboratory, who was a lute-maker and a sculptor, it has been natural for him to start doing his first pipe. In 2014, this passion was transformed in a real activity. When he has seen for the first time, the works of pipe makers like Victor Yashtylov, Kent Rasmussen, Tom Eltang, Eder Mathias, Gamboni and many others, he has found out that pipe making may be something more than an handicraft work.

All the pipes Vitale are entirely handmade using rasps, files, glass-paper, dremell and a small lathe used only for the mouthpieces of pipes made of vulcanite. The briar used is f a very high quality and it comes only from the regions of Calabria and Toscana, while the vulcanite is German. The blocks of briar are conserved for two years in the laboratory, before the usage.

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